SMARTENERGY conference in Hungary

SMARTENERGY conference in Hungary
The meeting of the SmartEnergy project will be held in Hungary in October.

The last stop of the SMARTENERGY project is Budapest, where the conference will be held on between 5-7 of October, 2022. The central theme of the three-day event is energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources.

We warmly welcome speakers and participants to the event. Interested parties are welcome to apply by email   or by phone on the following number: 06 30 491 6786.

In April of this year, the meeting took place in France, the description of which can be viewed here.

The SMARTENERGY project partly funded by COSME programme, started in February 2020, supports european SMEs and scaling up organizations in the participation to the ClusterXChange program promoted by EASME. At least 60 organizations of energy and ICT sectors will be selected to participate in short-term visits aimed to create new market opportunities and facilitate the go-to-market of innovation.

Cluster members of the consortium:

 Objectives of the project:

  • Support SMEs in energy sector to access the market and exploit the technologies resulting from R&D activities, providing innovative cluster services
  • Encourage cross sector collaborations between ICT (digital technologies) and energy sector, pushing the emerging industry of «digital energy» for the implementation of energy transition in Europe
  • Implement a new alliance between energy clusters and their networks at EU level, to maximize the effectiveness of the service provided for SMEs in energy related sectors
  • Fiil the existing gaps in energy related industrial value chains through cooperation for innovation.
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