SMARTENERGY project Hungarian conference

SMARTENERGY project Hungarian conference
The event was organized within the Smartenergy project, 2 foreign organizations VITRO Kft. and Ecopannonia Cluster. and Hungarian foreign Embassies (Canadian, Indian, Belgian), and hungarian partners, companies, universit were attended.

The first day (05.10.2022.) program of the Smartenergy conference:
Opening of the Ödön Mastyernák event and presentation of the SMARTENERGY project
Crescom Kft presentation (Kornél Tóth, Zsolt Megyik)
Visit of KT-Electronic Kft.'s presentation, laboratory and solar park
Presentation of the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences (Dr. Márta Szabó)
Presentation of HeatVentors Kft. Zoltán Andrássy).
Viewing the joint project of HeatVentors Kft. and Hexum Laboratóriumok Zrt
Ödön Mestyanek introduced the Smartenergy project

Ödön Mestyanek introduced the SMARTENERGY project and open the first day.

Tóth Kornél Presented the Crescom Electra Ltd. 

Tóth Kornél Presented the Crescom Electra Ltd.

The crescom group started its activities in the first Hungarian solar panel factory in Szolnok in 2014, as a supplier, when it delivered solar cells and sold the completed panels mainly to international solar power plants. To this day, they deliver solar panels and inverters to solar

power plants. In addition to these, they currently offer innovative island systems and cheaper, more efficient home and power plant solutions. Kornél Tóth highlighted their very innovative battery system, based on the LiFePO4 technology, which is significantly more durable than the Li-ion technology.

Presenting the MATE University (Dr. Szabó Márta)

(Dr. Márta Szabó presenting the MATE University)

Dr. Márta Szabó, professor of the MATE University (Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences) presented the University, and especially their Construction Engineer (Facility engineer) program, which is unique in Hungary, but its importance growing really fast.

Visiting the KT-Electronic Ltd.
KT-Electronic Kft. is a private enterprise founded in 1982, which has been operating in its current form since 1989. Over the past 35 years, it has developed into one of Hungary’s leading manufacturers and distributors of quality electronic devices. Its main owner is the Swiss Teletronik AG, which is why it can implement high-tech, even customized, capital-intensive projects, which are guaranteed by a large number of references and the
highest customer satisfaction. The quality policy of their „GREEN” business branch is ensured by their metrology lab equipped with high-level instruments, as well as by their 10-meter-high, 650 m2 photometer-darkroom, which is rare even at the European level. In
this way, the data of their products is not only „simulated”, but also physically measured. That is why they can guarantee that the parameters they provide are really real. Their specialist engineers know and apply the world’s leading technological solutions, and they constantly monitor the development of the applied technology, therefore, thanks to regular
developments, their products are among the best in the market.

(Solar Park and the Lab of KT-ELECTRONIC LTD.)
Presentation and Visiting HeatVentors Ltd. - thermal energy storing
According to the EU-Startups HeatVentors Ltd was selected among the 10 best Hungarian-based startups to watch out for in 2020.
The HeatTank balances the efficiency of the cooling/heating system. It also provides an extra layer of operational safety in case of equipment failure. As its name suggests, HeatTank serves as an energy buffer with independent control logic. Their competitive advantage: The
use of Phase Change Materials instead of water. By melting and solidifying these materials
we store thermal energy in a more concentrated way to save space, energy and cost in an
environmentally friendly way. HeatTank can help your business decrease its energy costs by

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