Boosting untapped green business development in public procurement in the Middle East and Asia

GREENERG-PRO is a continuation of a previously closed project, Cosmenerg4i, targeting individual Asian countries such as Israel, Taiwan, Vietnam and Singapore. The 4 target countries have excellent potential in the field of renewable energy and environmental technologies, so the countries listed are hubs with huge investment potential for us.

The ARCHENERG Cluster participates in the consortium as a project manager in cooperation with Serbian and Polish partners. We work with the Robert Szewalski Polish Academy of Sciences - IMP PAN from Poland and Ecopanonija from Serbia.

The project aims to further develop a long-term cooperation agenda and internationalization services. The duration of GREENERG-PRO is 32 months, the start of the cooperation is September 2021.

The specific activities of the project are:

  • Developing the skills needed for internationalization, e-skills and knowledge through the public, and providing technical assistance through eco-and bio-energy, renewable energy and environmental technologies.
  • Develop a comprehensive internationalization strategy and implementation timetable with a view to further developing a long-term agenda for cooperation through existing joint procurement: internationalization services at COSMENERG-4i through public procurement, targeting Israel, Taiwan, Vietnam and Singapore.
  • Strengthen cooperation between partner clusters in internationalization and access to third countries through joint technical assistance with additional tools and human resources, support to members and the creation of new green business opportunities in public procurement in target countries.
  • Further develop synergies with existing partner organizations in the target countries, further develop long-term cooperation and agreements, extending to public procurement, business procurement and new opportunities in the target countries for the benefit of the cluster partners, COSMENERG-4i and the enlarged community.
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