The cooperation has been established because of boosting the internationalisation for circularity in the building environment. The ICBUILD consortium identified 5 third countries beyond Europe to be target by the project activities: CANADA, INDIA, MEXICO, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES and BRAZIL. Duration of the project is 36 months.

The specific objectives of the ICBUILD partnership are the following:

  • To develop a specific, comprehensive and long-term market-driven ICBUILD joint internationalization strategy for the reciprocal actual benefit of partner clusters and their SMEs while approaching third countries markets;
  • To strengthen the role of ICBUILD partner clusters as drivers for member companies’ internationalization, and as tools for stimulating the post-pandemic business rebound and increasing their national and regional business attractiveness;
  • To support the ICBUILD affiliated SMEs to take a proactive approach and think beyond the immediate effect in realising the go-to-market processes, making them more strategic in foreign markets deployment applying entry modes other than exporting, be more self-confident but prepared and consequently more successful in the international ventures;
  • To highpoint the vital role of cooperative alliances in internationalization strategy and to develop long-lasting International Collaborative Innovation Partnerships with foreign and European stakeholders to ease companies’ participation in global value chains.
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