In Europe, we produce 2.2 billion tons of waste per year. This is why the EU is modernizing its waste legislation to encourage the transition from a linear economy to a so-called circular economy. Video on the circular economy available here: URL Link to video on circular economy.

The signatories to the cooperation are committed to implementing the principles of the circular economy in the construction industry. To this end, they will launch joint projects to reduce construction waste, use sustainable materials and technologies, and increase energy efficiency. The aim is to share knowledge, develop innovative solutions and disseminate good practices.

Within the framework of the partnership:

  • Knowledge sharing and expert exchange: The parties organize workshops, seminars and conferences to disseminate good practices in circular architecture.

  • Joint innovation projects: Innovative solutions for the circular operation of the construction industry are developed with the involvement of companies and research institutes.

  • Networking: The parties promote networking between Hungarian, Italian and Indian construction actors.

The cooperation will contribute to the spread of circular architecture, the reduction of the ecological footprint of the construction industry and the global dissemination of sustainable architectural solutions.