A Cooperation Agreement was signed between ArchEnerg Cluster and Surkhandarya Region of Uzbekistan to develop and deepen mutually beneficial economic, industrial, scientific and technical cooperation in the field of renewable energy and construction.


The agreement was signed at the Csongrád-Csanád County Government Office by Mr. Sherali Juraev, Deputy Governor of Surkhandarya Region and Prof. Dr. István Bíró, President of ArchEnerg Cluster. In the agreement, the two parties committed to participating in the preparation of joint project applications and joint participation in tenders, as well as in the full implementation of the projects.

The agreement is a significant milestone in the development of Hungarian-Uzbek economic relations. Renewable energy and construction are priority areas for both countries, and the projects implemented within the framework of the cooperation will contribute to sustainable development and economic growth in both countries.

The projects focus on the efficient use of renewable energy sources, the application of modern architectural solutions and sustainability. The priority is the utilization of solar and geothermal energy, including the installation of solar panels and solar collectors, and the application of heat pump systems.

In the field of construction, the projects aim to achieve their goals through the installation of prefabricated and passive houses, and the application of the most modern construction and engineering solutions. Efficiency, sustainability and environmental awareness are key considerations in the design and implementation process. Biomass recycling and compact biomass production also play an important role in the projects.


ArchEnerg Cluster is also committed to actively contributing to the development of Uzbekistan in the field of renewable energy and construction. Within this framework, the Cluster undertakes to:

  • Provide professional assistance to Uzbek companies in developing their environmentally conscious approach: The Cluster's goal is to share Hungarian experience and know-how in the field of sustainable management and environmental protection.

  • Organize educational, training and further training opportunities for the Partner's employees: The Cluster organizes trainings and workshops for the Partner's employees in the fields related to the projects.

  • Organize presentations, conferences and exhibitions: The Cluster provides forums for knowledge sharing and networking between Hungarian and Uzbek experts.

  • Present innovative Hungarian technologies and facilitate their application: The Cluster promotes the transfer of the most modern Hungarian technologies to Uzbekistan and supports their local application.

  • Organize and implement joint pilot projects: The Cluster actively participates in the development and implementation of pilot projects in the focus areas of the projects.

  • Provide joint international presence and participation in tenders, if necessary: The Cluster supports the Partner in its international presence and successful participation in tenders.

ArchEnerg Cluster is confident that by fulfilling the above commitments, it can significantly contribute to the sustainable development of Uzbekistan. Hungarian-Uzbek cooperation in the field of renewable energy and construction can be a model for other countries as well. The implemented projects will contribute to sustainable development, economic growth and the strengthening of friendly relations between the two countries.

Hungarian-Uzbek business meeting