The fourth presentations of the SMARTENERGY series was held on August 11, 2021 among 9-11 than the participants followed the discussion in the form of B2B meeting to 13 o’clock.

Anthony Kez, Canadian Relations Vice-Chairman held a welcome speech than introduced the cluster and the SMARTENERGY project. The first presentation was performed  by György Szügyi from  Energotest Ltd. He spoke the advantages of heat pump system for buildings. He added that the system is energetically and informatically networked and controlled by special, innovative Hungarian solutions and software.

 The following presentation was held by Thomas Dory from Bert-Energy Ltd. He spoke about the simple biogas solutions. He mentioned the history of biogas in Germany and referred to around 9.500 biogas plants in Germany currently generate 33 terrawatt.

Finally, the series ended with presentation by Ivona Povrzan from Harmonija Optimalne Technologije Ltd. She mentioned that drying is a technological process present in all branches of industry. As a process in industry has a share of 10% - 25% of total energy consumption, of which an average of 35% falls on the food industry. She also referred to drying at low temperatures provides a high concentration of key aromatic compounds, which is especially vital for dried spices and aromatic herbs, dried and powdered vegetables used as spice, or powdered fruits used as a source of natural flavor

We are looking forward to the next 2 webinars, which will be held on Friday (13 August) and next Wednesday (18 August).

Those who want to join the project are also welcome. It is possible to meet French, Belgian and Italian partners during the project and through them to the Belgian conference as well as the Enlit event in Milan. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!