The Association of Hungarian Engineers and Technicians in Vojvodina (V3ME) organized the 14th edition of the Express 2024 international scientific conference in Subotica, with a special focus on renewable energy sources. The event featured a presentation by Fritz Péter, mechanical engineer and vice president of the ArchEnerg Cluster, titled "The Architect as an Energy Specialist."


Fritz Péter's presentation can be viewed here. (1:32:36 - 1:46:14)


V3ME is a non-profit organization that holds monthly meetings on a variety of topics. Its activities attract participants mainly from Subotica and the surrounding area, but also from other cities. The annual international scientific conference is of interest not only in Serbia but also in Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovakia.


V3ME's mission is to promote the professional development of Hungarian engineers and technicians in Vojvodina and to disseminate scientific and technical information in Hungarian. The association is open to anyone interested in engineering and technology.