Size of the company: 1-10 people

Location: Szeged

Nature of activity: Application writing, consulting, business development

Cluster role: other organizations


The Regional Innovation Agency of South Great Plain (RIA) as a bridging institution started his function in 2005 in order to help the work of the actors of the regional innovation system.

The mission of the Southern Great Plain Regional Innovation Agency is to contribute to the growth of the competitiveness of the Southern Great Plain region. Through its activities, it seeks to promote the development of the region's international competitiveness and the innovation- and business-oriented development of the knowledge-based economy, keeping in mind the competitiveness priorities; map the functioning of organizations involved in the innovation process; bring organizations together and work together to make innovation more effective; and increase the competitiveness and attractiveness of rural areas for both those living in rural areas and those doing business there.

The Regional Innovation Agency of South Great Plain