Environmental sampling and laboratory testing (soil and groundwater, soil mechanical testing, wastewater, waste, compost testing)

Our activities are greatly facilitated by our well-equipped laboratory, which has been an accredited laboratory since 1994.

Our field of activity covers practically the entire country, based on the industry classification, we have gained the most experience in the fields of medicine, chemical industry, mechanical engineering and transport. Due to the high level of education and foreign language skills of our employees, we also operate in the surrounding countries, such as Romania, Bulgaria and Austria. We also have further international relations, relying on the international background of one of our most important partner companies, the INTERGEO group of companies.

We do not need to involve a subcontractor in soil, groundwater, waste screening or environmental damage assessment. Sampling, drilling and on-site work are performed by our own specialists.


  • accredited sampling and laboratory tests (soil and groundwater, soil mechanical tests, sewage, waste, compost tests)

  • examination of monitoring wells

  • fact-finding work, preparation of documentation

  • environmental audits

  • environmental consultancy

  • permitting procedures - permitting the establishment of water rights, water rights

  • operating license

  • preparation of environmental impact assessments

  • environmental data provision

  • environmental risk analysis

  • occupational safety documentation