Construction site preparation

Our company, Geo Nord Bau Kft., is a privately owned company, which started operating in 2012 in the field of construction. Its registered main activity is the preparation of construction sites. In addition, in recent years we have proven our suitability and professional competence in a number of fields.

Our company is ISO 9001 certified.

Our primary areas of expertise:

  • preparation of construction sites, mechanical earthworks,

  • road base, pavement and parking base preparation,

  • preparation of utility routes, construction of water and sewage utilities,

  • preparation of sports ground base,

  • demolition of buildings and structures with a machine,

  • waste management (construction debris), fracture, classification throughout the country, product classification, construction and demolition debris transportation,

  • mining - stone, gravel, coal (breaking, grading, depositing, loading, transporting as needed of extracted raw material).

  • gravel extraction,

  • transportation (earth, stone, demolition debris, etc.).