Boiler production and heating technology trade

Our company was founded in 2005, its field of activity is boiler production and heating technology trade.
In 2007 we started the production of termotéka® type gas boilers and Simplex type mixed fuel boilers.

Nearly 300,000 of these boilers are in operation in Hungary, the aim is to service and replace them if necessary.

In addition to these traditional products we wanted to offer our customers an alternative. This was the motivation that prompted us to contact the French boiler manufacturer De Dietrich, which has a long history in boiler production in Europe. From September 1, 2007, the turbo and condensing version of the De Dietrich wall-mounted boiler family will appear on our product range and at the same time on the Hungarian market, through us. We hope that with this selection, our offer will be more complete and we will be able to meet the needs of our old and new customers for all heating centers.