The Renoinvest

RENOINVEST PROJECT  is co-funded by the European Union under the LIFE programme. The project  addresses fully the challenge of the call Call LIFE-2022-CET-FINROUND. Our initiative is dedicated to addressing cross-border challenges and seizing opportunities for sustainable building renovation in both private and public sectors. The aim of the EU-LIFE project “RENOINVEST – Roundtables enhancing smart investments in sustainable renovation of buildings” is to bring together all relevant stakeholders from the financial sector, the real estate and construction industry and politics in working groups and, above all, national roundtables to discuss urgently needed financing solutions for the climate-neutral renovation of our building stock and to jointly find feasible solutions by 2030.


The primary goal of the RENOINVEST Project is to develop comprehensive action plans for smart investments in sustainable building renovations from 2025 to 2030 in Austria, Hungary, and Slovenia. This ambitious undertaking involves the establishment of three national roundtables, building on the foundations laid by the Sustainable Energy Investment Forums.

Added Value of RENOINVEST:

The consortium brings together key actors representing legislative advisory organizations, research institutes, large engineering manufacturers, SMEs, and financial experts in Austria, Hungary, and Slovenia. By fostering sustainable investments, RENOINVEST contributes specific technical knowledge to drive the transformation of the existing building stock.

Join us in our mission to revolutionize sustainable building renovations and make a lasting impact on the future of the built environment.

Together, we build for a sustainable tomorrow.


Type : LIFE Project Grants,  tender. Funding & tenders (

Duration:  30 months

Start  01/10/2023-31/03/2026

No. project : 101120673,  LIFE22-CET-RENOINVEST


Consortium Partners:


Key Objectives:

  • Smart Investment Action Plans
  • National Roundtables
  • Green Finance Thematic Working Group
  • Policy Briefs and Recommendations
  • Implementation Assessment
  • International Exchange Events